Your celebration in the Schusterhäusl

Celebrate unforgettable occasions at Schusterhäusl - the perfect restaurant for your party!

The Schusterhäusl is not only a historical jewel in the middle of Flachau, but also a unique setting for unforgettable celebrations. No matter if birthday, company party or the anniversary, here you can expect a rustic ambience, unique atmosphere and culinary highlights from the kitchen of the best steakhouse in Flachau.

Outdoor / Covered guest garden

Up to 90 people

Our guest garden plays all the pieces for your celebration.
Through the covered terrace, which we can make wind and weather resistant and heated with radiant heaters, the guest garden is perfect for your celebration in summer and winter in any weather.
The seating can also be individually arranged with bar tables, tables and tables. Depending on the event, an outdoor kitchen with asado grill and/or a bar can be set up on the terrace.

You need a technical equipment, such as TV, microphone, etc? We are equipped for that as well. Just let us know how we can make your celebration special.

Indoor / rustic parlors

Up to 90 people
The Schusterhäusl is divided into several rooms on two floors. Whether it is a company event, anniversary, business dinner or any other kind of celebration we will find the right room and the right place for you.

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