Restaurant with history in flachau

old & new

Preserving the little wooden house in the middle of the village center is a high priority to us. We maintain and renovate it gently, all modern additions and conversions respect the old building fabric and consciously stand out from the old stock.
best steaks in flachau


The love of craftsmanship is omnipresent in the Schusterhäusl, even if today it is the highest premise that steaks are cooked to perfection & not shoe soles, end up on the plates of the guests.
Location für Familienfeier in Pongau


We have retained the joke and down-to-earth attitude of our predecessors - because although the Schusterhäusl is a culinary address for the finest, we take an uncomplicated approach. We are on a first-name basis with our guests, a team that feels like a family. In the Schusterhäusl you enjoy style, but "not spread".

unique, absolutely delicios and not spread!

This is exactly how the Schusterhäusl experience is possible: Because we like what we do, because we are connected to history and tradition and still look beyond the plate. Experience 400 years of history and Flachau's best steaks and Mediterranean - reserve your table at Schusterhäusl now!

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