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Film & Live Cooking Show

June 30, 2023, start at 6:45 p.m.

The food meat is the focus of an evening of film and live cooking.

Simon Tasek and Rudi Pichler continue to raise awareness of the value of our food. With the title "Luxury", the two focus on the slaughter of a lamb and lead through an evening for all senses. A film shows the slaughtering as a "luxury variant" and let the food of meat live up to its full potential.

Afterwards, guests will enjoy a 4-course flying dinner that Rudi Pichler has developed around the main theme of the film.


Rye bread/butter/chives
Sheep's milk cheese with "sheep's wool"
Raw ham of lamb
Raw sausage of lamb


Meadow herb salad with sheep milk
Sheep milk chip and yarrow


Braised and pink roasted lamb on cream polenta and garlic


Sheep curd/pieplant

The ticket for the evening excl. drinks costs € 69,- per person
Rudi Pichler and Simon Tasek

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